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When + Why+ How + Who

I am Jennifer Hyde, I have been working on dreadlocks for 20+ years... Here is my story. 

People always ask how and when I got into doing dreadlocks in the salon.  I guess it is a somewhat interesting story, so here goes...

​I began my career long, long ago in a land very far away... Just kidding.  I began in Missouri to be exact.  After a long and rocky journey through beauty schools (Yes, I said schools.  Another interesting story for another time.)  I ended back up in my home town trying to gain clientele by bribing my friends with free hairstyles.  It was a small town so I figured this would gain me some new client referrals sooner or later, as I had a very large and diverse friend network and people in small towns talk!  It worked. The unexpected part was that the most referrals came in from my friends who were not of my same ethnic background, with hair very unlike my own.  Before I knew it I was busy as can be doing relaxers, finger waves, and don't laugh it was the early 90s-- CareFreeCurls on over-curly (the technical term) hair textures. Soon almost 75% of my clientele was made up of this hair-type.  During this time I also worked along side a master barber.  He was not only was a clipper cutting genius, but also specialized in this over-curly hair-type.  I was getting opportunities left and right for learning. I loved it.  I soaked everything up like a sponge. 

​Soon after, I opened my first salon.  My clients, both men and ladies, began to inquire about dreadlocks.  What did I know about them?  Did I know how to do them? Did I know ANYBODY who knew somebody that knew somebody???  Because of the hair-type I was primarily working with at the time this was not at all odd. At the same time, locks were not as commonly seen as they are today.  I felt compelled to seek answers for my people.  I began to ask around.  

​A couple of years later... I finally heard of a woman who was doing dreadlocks in my area.  I contacted her and introduced myself.  She seemed friendly, professional and skilled so I began to send her referrals for the service that my clients had been asking me for for so long.  

​After less than a year of this, I got smart and asked her if she would allow me to shadow her so that I too could learn this part of our trade.  I was thrilled when she said yes.After shadowing with her for a few hours and then practicing on a few people with curly hair textures, I became pretty decent at creating locks in curly hair.  Then all of a sudden I was approached by one of my straight-hair clients for this service.  Now I was really stumped.  I knew how to make curly hair begin to lock, it was easy comparatively speaking.  Because the hair is already curly it wants to lock.  Straight hair, not so much.  I also wanted to help this gentleman begin his spiritual journey on the road to dreadlocks and I knew it could be done, but how?  

I had to figure out how to make straight hair act like curly hair and tie itself in knots permanently in strategic sections that are both attractive and secure.  No one was doing this professionally and the woman who I learned from had no insights for me at that time.  I began to experiment with different methods until I found a few things that worked.  It was a lot of trial and error.  I saw the people I was working with often while I figured it out.  I must commend their diligence and patience, without them I'd never had the unique opportunity to teach myself this process which I enjoy so very much.

I am merely the facilitator who can help design the locks in which a person will nurture.  I can help create a situation for the hair to most easily agree to accept this new arrangement and be coerced into locking on its own over time.  It is not an overnight process.  It is a commitment and spiritual journey. To create the design for a new set of locks brings me great joy, as does helping someone who already has locks to maintain them if needed. I truly serve and honor every individual for whom I create.


Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde

2330 N Henderson Ave, Dallas TX, 75206/469-420-0333 

Lock Pricing

​Dreadlocks: Start-Up
($75-$95 per hour*) Average time: 3-6 hours

Dreadlocks: Maintenance
($75-$95 per hour*) Average time: 1-2 hours

Dreadlock Repair and Reconstruction
($75-95 per hour) Average time: 4+ hours

Dreadlock Extensions, Human or Synthetic:
($110 per hour, plus the cost of hair)  6-20 hours

​Dreadlock Removal : ($110+ per hour) Average time 4 to 8+ hours

PLEASE NOTE: We do offer many types of dreadlock maintenance. We do offer twist down, palm rolling, crocheting, interlocking, and more. We work on ALL hair types from very kinky overly curly textures to the silky straightest of straight.
Our goal is to give our clients the type of maintenance they want and need. This is slightly different for each individual client.

* The salon has more than one person that performs lock services, the price may vary slightly based on which tech you visit or if we have an assistant on hand.

* Our lock specialists fees are based on experience and speed. Our prices are set by the hour to be fair to all clients.

*Occasionally two stylists can work in tandem and create together. Clients do pay hourly for both stylists in order for this to occur.

​* Services estimated at more than 4 hours will require a non-refundable deposit of $100 to reserve to hold your appointment time slot.