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Jekyll & Hyde

Jekyll & Hyde: Vintage Clothing and Leather Goods 

Specializing in dress-up gear, leather clothing, formal wear, vintage bridal and wedding dresses, leather jackets, pants, skirts, leather handbags, belts, & shoes and super funky accessories for men and women.  Come find the new perfect addition to your wardrobe that truly reflects your style to the world.


Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.
Coco Chanel   

Style Architecture:  Developing and nurturing a style map based on the merger and accentuation of all of the elements that go into one's personal style statement; including, but not limited to your physical being, personal lifestyle, inner spirit, your desires and practicalities, and your individualistic, beautiful, authentic self.
I love wearable art.
Sometimes clothing can seduce its way into my life in such a way that I create a special "forever place" for it in my wardrobe.  Literally, bringing it into my closet with the intention of never getting rid of it.  You know, the things that fit so well and look so good, that provided that you never lose or gain too many inches, you will keep them and wear them a few times a year -forever.  Like a red wool sweater I bought at a garage sale. It is filled with hand stitched sequin and lining, and has the perfect peter pan collar.  Or the first leather mini skirt I bought (20+ years ago) because it had zippered slits up the sides, and was PURPLE!

I personally think it is fine to admit that you have a slight attachment a material object, such as a beautiful gown, or a buttery soft pair of leather pants, or maybe even the sweatshirt you have had since college (or longer!).  Whatever it is that makes you feel beautiful is what you should wear more of, I always say.

I fully admit that I have three fashion addictions that I never wish to cure.  I happen to have serious desire sparkle, so I love glittery things!  A girl must have some sequins in her life.  Serious addiction number two is a product of never-wanting-to-look-like-anybody-else.  I started vintage shopping in my mothers' closet at the age of 14 and I've never stopped seeking unique and beautiful things from another era to help me look "different" from everyone else.  And the third thing I begun to crave and have never stopped, all really started with a leather softball glove when I was 5 years old and simply evolved (clearly a story for another time).

The selection is fun, unique, and quality.  I have given myself permission to buy all the super-duper-cool stuff even when it is not in my size!  I have filled the space with dresses and accessories for ladies, sportcoats and funky jewelry for guys, and of course the leather.  So if you find the smell, feel, and look of leather as primal and sexy as I do, then plan on finding your perfect leather pants, jacket, or handbag on one of our racks, and falling in love.  Jekyll & Hyde also has a well filled area with many textile goods consisting of designer brands, silks, and plenty of sequins and bling. We even carry vintage wedding gowns!
Please come visit me.

Or if you like, email me with questions about a specific item you see and we can SHIP it to you anywhere.  We use paypal so your transaction is secure.


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